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Hey ya'll. So, free from my management, free from the networks- this is my part of the site.

The bits I can write with a warts n'all honesty about things I love, hate or have experienced. I get quite a few questions through Facebook or emails asking for tips on animals, home, DIY and life, so here I'll answer where I can, what I can.


It's pretty new to me and I'll keep adding bits to it along my journey, so feel free to share the love and hang in there while I write and create,


If you've seen my work on TV or if you're wondering who the hell this bloke is that keeps posting about random stuff, welcome!



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March 12, 2019

So I do get a fair few requests for interviews on pocasts- I'm kinda new to the podcast world really, but one particular set up really caught my attention. A fella by the name of Brendan Hardman ( Ex. Army, PTSD sufferer) set up a platform called The Bloke Cast and rea...

Originally published on

Studio apartments are on the rise due to their compact nature and lower cost, but they also serve up some unique design challenges. Here are our expert tips for designing your studio apartment so that it is a truly all-in-one space.


Article first appeared on and is republished with permission. To visit the original post click here. Written by Hania Syed

Nothing encapsulates the Aussie dream better than a lazy summer afternoon spent in your outdoor entertaining area, drink in hand and...

August 2, 2017

I sat down with Matt Reynolds to take part in his podcast series called Trench Talk.

Matt Reynolds is a plumber by trade and business man during the day and to add to his list of things to do, he hosts a series of really cool podcasts called Trench Talk.

This week it was...

June 23, 2016

How to train a puppy- do Beagles make good pets?

So my little best friend is called Nugget and he's just turned four and a half years old. He is a full blood Beagle and is one of the most beautiful, friendly and character-filled animals I have ever had the pleasure of m...

May 12, 2016

Price of Tesla Powerwall versus other systems.


Solar power storage systems.


This year we've seen solar power battery storage systems explode onto the market- the future is here! Finally we all say. Solar power is fantastic and certainly worth the investment, but one of...

May 6, 2016


"...I wanted to share with you my last year of gains, losses, fat spells and insecurities".


It's true. Every time I catch a glimpse of myself on TV I gasp in horror and turn away... "oh its just been the off-season, I'll get shape back before the final episode" I tell...

May 5, 2016

How to waterproof a bathroom!

There are a few tricks when it comes to waterproofing a bathroom yourself during the big renovation. If you're a confident DIY-er you can probably have a good go yourself but if you're not that confident you may want to get your builder or...

May 3, 2016



Sekisui House.

This was for my series Healthy Homes Australia which I co-host with the beautiful Dani Wales. Producers wanted to show what happened behind the scenes when you build a new home through a builder. Makes sense right? The new home market is FARRRR bigger t...

Originally Published on STAY AT HOME MUM

What does a builder, a beagle and a Block Head have in common? Chances are if you’ve watched TV at any given weekend, you’ll have seen the handsome Walt Collins and his cheeky ways on numerous Network Ten series featuring Stay At...

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August 23, 2018

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