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Brands & Partnerships

Walt Collins.

"I'm a proud brand ambassador for many leading brands in the home, garden, construction, lifestyle and animal space. It's a great privelage for me to be able to represent, wear or be sponsored by the following brands:"

Walt Collins is very active across many areas of charity, community and philanthropy.

In 2005 Walt co-founded BADGAR Wildlife Rescue Group which rescues and rehabilitates injured and sick wildlife.

In 2007 Walt help establish the Ballarat Soup Bus and On Track Charity Ball which is still in operation ten years later and helping the homeless.

In 2017 Walt was named an ambassador for Bully Zero Australia Foundation and is helping with a zero tolerance to bullying in Australia.

In 2019 Walt was named an ambassador for Pet Medical Crisis which helps raise money to pay for pensioner's and disadvantaged vet bills.

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