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Create your own Dreamy Outdoor area

Article first appeared on and is republished with permission. To visit the original post click here. Written by Hania Syed

Nothing encapsulates the Aussie dream better than a lazy summer afternoon spent in your outdoor entertaining area, drink in hand and the smell of sausages in the air. If your outdoor area is a little lacklustre, you might feel like there’s nothing you can do about it without putting your life savings towards a renovation. However, this doesn’t have to be the case! We rounded up some of the country’s top renovators and designers and asked them for their best tips on creating the dreamiest outdoor area ever.

Zone your spaces

Walt Collins, co-host of Network Ten’s Healthy Homes Australia series and carpenter, let us in on his top tip for freshening up your outdoor area:

“My top tip is to think about zoning your spaces. This means stand back and plan before you update a single plant or chair! Create a zone to chill such as an outdoor sofa and coffee table and keep that simple and clean. From there, your eye should easily fall onto the BBQ area - there’s nothing better than enjoying a drink whilst you keep an eye on the sizzling BBQ.”

By simply rearranging your space so that there feels like there are different zones within it, you can immediately create an area that guests will want to mingle in.

Make sure to visit Walt’s Instagram and Facebook for more fantastic tips and design inspiration!


Once you’ve worked out which areas are for mingling, relaxing, dining or anything else, you need to choose the appropriate outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture needs to be comfortable while also being durable and weather-proof. A MyDeal outdoor lounge set provides the perfect setting for guests to relax and mingle, while other outdoor furniture like tables, hammocks and storage units further add to the atmosphere and usability of your space.


Now that you’ve got your outdoor furniture laid out, you need to elevate the look with accessories. Homeowner tips expert Kaylyn Jeffrey from Service suggest to “decorate your cosy outdoor furniture with pillows and throw blankets to really nail bringing a warm atmosphere to the outdoor area.” Walt Collins also backs this up, suggesting to “choose light, bright and natural materials, as these can be maintained and refreshed each year.”

Speaking of warmth…

Kaylyn emphasises the importance of “bringing warmth outdoors. This can be achieved through outdoor string lights, a fire pit and lanterns.” By adding warmth with these simple decorative touches, you will immediately create a lively hub that your guests will want to spend hours enjoying.

Add low-maintenance plants

We all love the look of a luscious garden, but may not have the space, time or money to maintain one. If this is the case, consider planting a few hardy plants (natives are a great idea) to add to the atmosphere. Walt suggests to “avoid going too crazy with crowded planting - just a few elegant plants are key.” Want to go the extra mile? Deck out your outdoor area with realistic artificial grass for a fuss-free garden!

Tiny outdoor area?

Worried that the above tips won’t work for you because of the tiny size of your outdoor area? We asked Australia’s leading renovating-for-profit expert, Cherie Barber, to help us with this dilemma. For a small space, Cherie suggests:

“A lot of outdoor areas (a balcony or courtyard, for example) are going to have ugly bare concrete, so a really easy fix is to break out the paving paint, especially as you can tint it to any colour you want. You definitely need shade, so a simple umbrella or awning might do the trick. A collection of plants in pretty pots will provide colour, and if space is limited, you could even think about a ‘vertical garden’. Then splurge on some smart outdoor furniture to give that true feel of an outdoor room.”

Find out just how Cherie makes a small space work by clicking here.

Everyone craves the experience of lounging in a gorgeous outdoor area, complete with comfortable furniture, freshly grilled food and pretty plants. While a several-thousand dollar landscaping project or renovation is out of the question for many of us, we can all incorporate a handful of the above tips to create a totally dreamy outdoor entertaining area.

Need more ideas for your outdoor area? Browse the new range at MyDeal Home & Garden.

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