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The Bloke Cast- my most honest and raw interview yet.

So I do get a fair few requests for interviews on pocasts- I'm kinda new to the podcast world really, but one particular set up really caught my attention. A fella by the name of Brendan Hardman ( Ex. Army, PTSD sufferer) set up a platform called The Bloke Cast and reached out to me via Instagram.

I was really taken back by the content of this guy's podcasts- tackling things like men's mental health, body image, pressures in life and male suicide. So I said yes to have a chat.

What unfolded was perhaps is my most honest and raw interview yet- I talked about my own struggles with body image, the pressures to look good as a man (yes, fully aware of women's length struggles with this) and how men can turn their life around mentally and physically.

Have a cuppa, go for a drive, sit down and listen to this podcast.

Thanks again to The Bloke Cast for having me- remember to rate and share the podcast.

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