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Walt Collins.

media personality | tv presenter | MC

> lifestyle television creator and host
> home expert
> construction (Carpenter)
> media commentator
> influencer
> article writer
> media trainer

> good guy ;)

Walt Collins is fast becoming one of Australia's most wanted lifestyle TV presenters, with four national Channel 10 series appointing him as host. 

Healthy Homes Australia which wrapped up 10 years and12 seasons this year is where Walt is best known from. A lively series on home, DIY, building and garden. Walt host a hit series called Buy to Build which launched with huge success on Channel 10 in 2019 and is now about to enjoy a 6th season which airs in 2024.

In another achievement, Walt was contracted to host Country House Facelift, for Channel 10- a four part special series on the renovation of a gorgeous old country house in regional Australia.

Animal Extra is a glossy Sunday lifestyles series on pets and animals and acclaimed lifestyle series that aired for 2 seasons in 2015.

Walt is a highly intelligent and sharp-witted young bloke, making him the must have TV presenter and on-point MC. He has an educated and often inspiring opinion across many social and international topics.

Walt is the owner of BSTV, one of Australia's fastest growing production companies and is Executive Producer across 5 major broadcaster series on Australian television.

You'll find him being flown around Australia, New Zealand and the UK delivering his highly credible Executive Media Training course!

Oh, and he went viral in 2017 with 98 million people watching a video of him installing a clever cat proof fence which was picked up by UniLad, Vice, ViralThread and other online platforms! :)

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Walt Collins.

Walt Collins' TV career was already predetermined by the universe from an early age! Born and raised in Sheffield, UK, Walt began his extraordinary journey.


Turning his mum's wok into a satellite dish, he started a pirate TV station which was the making of his media career. Fast track to adult-hood, Walt Collins is the king of Australian lifestyle TV, hosting two weekend flagship series on Network TEN across Australia. Walt will front a new Sunday afternoon lifestyle series on Channel 10 about buying new houses called Buy To Build.


Walt Collins' charismatic and often cheeky mannerisms are quickly turning him into a household name and his every growing social media numbers are proof of just that!

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Walt Collins Bully Zero Australia Foundation Ambassador
A Snapshot

TV Presenter.

You'll see Walt in the home, garden, lifestyle, construction and animal lifestyle television space. Completely trustworthy and one of the TV industry 'good guys', Walt resonates with the hundreds of thousands of viewers who watch every episode.

In his spare time and just for fun, Walt is undertaking a building and construction apprenticeship [carpentry] to help up-skill for his role as co-host of Ten's Healthy Homes Australia series.

Walt is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to animals and his love for all creatures is clear in his hit series Animal Extra- also on Ten.

Walt Collins is now a recognisable face across Australian television in the lifestyle space and cemented his stamp by hosting the Channel 10 show called Buy to Build- season 6 in production.

Walt launched Executive Media Training in 2023- a project that is helping train media executives deal with a modern media landscape.

Featured Video

Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2019

Being a carpenter, Walt needs a solid and powerful vehicle for site, TV life and home life. Watch this great review of the new Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2019.

You can see some great video clips on the video page.

Television Presenter.

Award winning producer.

Dynamic MC


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